Japanese adult video star surprise alaura eden film about football

Takizawa Lara is one of the big movie actor as everyone knows, he is the most famous time in japan. However, recently the beautiful girl in the future will be China shooting a very pure". I know, in the filming process Takizawa related to sports and professional football, especially in China.

The latest film Takizawa film is a completely pure".
In the movie screen Takizawa therefore has become more cautious and uniform looks like a student.

You look like a schoolgirl beside the ball is round.

The 21 year old has repeatedly revealed you love the king of sports. Less than a month before the audience tried during the fever to fan video watching Tottenham Takizawa Lara was on the internet.

Beauty 9x had many times out of love ball is round.
Before that, you know, like a big movie star in Japan's surrender, even new entrants into the industry "film noir" is not long.

Know that this is the second time in a month, you Chinese to implement these projects, in the movie. Last month, Takizawa also accepted the invitation to participate in a video game advertising online games in the history of Guoneishoubu China named last month mobile phone version is expected to be officially released. However, it is now widely publicize these posters sexy beauty Takizawa Lara.

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