The wonderful your husband to drunk wife hedge funds is very complex.

Troops working in companies with foreign capital should his salary is very pretty. Although the Army never acknowledged but sure Tomorrow my husband has a black Foundation. The amount of military spending each month Tomorrow is just a small figure compared to the salary that the company paid for.

One day, Mai discovered the black husband's Fund when found a thick envelope are hidden under the mattress. com Thrilling open tomorrow, the count was about 30 million. Mai 2006 hửng think of the prospect of death quiet dismay because his wife caught hidden slush fund. However, when flip back the back of the envelope, when people write on that tall Tomorrow finishing: "money to buy gifts for the wife".

Mai's upcoming birthday memory unpressurized. Turns out the army wanted to surprise her this way. Touched forever not tomorrow put the black husband's Fund envelope back, eagerly awaiting to get presents.

That evening, the home that keep my wife looked at me laugh tủm tỉm. Water rice done, she asked him: "Coming to one's special day, remember?".

To the birthday, Mai fun Cook lots of delicious food. She like to reciprocate the gift that her husband about to donate themselves. The troops entered the House, the smell of food fragrant sailings rings: "wife, jasmine too, you have a present for you!".

Medium ourselves tomorrow shall be my husband donated to a bouquet of Crimson along cake box. He kisses his wife and then said: "wish you happy birthday!". Mai absurd: "Yes?".

His wife view army full of hard to understand: "aren't you've put out the salary for children? Where's that money buying expensive gifts drawing presentation? ".

Warm memories tomorrow flip toss the mattress set me up Eagle realized the black husband hiding funds envelope has no wings that fly. Red eyes cry tomorrow visit asked: "I discovered him hiding here, 30 million of the money?". The army immediately turned down bay denies Transformers: "You do have funds! I do not believe the British coast and both view! I completely do not know the amount you are saying ".

Mai then realized she had been eating a donkey to fuck with her husband. Maybe force knew was his wife discovered the black Foundation should hurry position write distributed bua up the envelope, the case caught the wife also not making noise.

The army raised eyebrows you responded: "your birthday through long ago that". Look at my wife's embarrassed face, laughing: "the birthday of the children?". Mai nodded as chickens pecked paddy sulking, responsible for her husband: "He's so excessive, his wife's birthday every year that don't mind?".

Military bolsters Mai into appeasement: "You're joking, children's birthday unforgettable. You may also take wages for children, empty Pocket now, knowing what you buy now? ". Mai choke the throat but suddenly thought to this could be the surprise of the games her husband Zhao, is she nũng nịu responded: "I don't need expensive gifts, he's just happy now I donate".

Birthday parties, silent couple eat, said. Warm warm memories memory instigation tomorrow how many troops impassible. Mai extremely regret not seized immediately after her husband's black funds. The army now has a pipe to scatter money so Mai no evidence to hoạnh họe.

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