You do not "bed" after the crystal clear cuckold amateur birth of the women in the world is so terrible

The relationship with her husband for the first time when I was born the son indeed is terrible. You wait six weeks after the birth, received the consent of your doctor to have the bruised feelings of my husband. But six weeks after the birth, this body no longer belongs to me. The chest in size and constantly flowing of milk, I did not even dare to look at yourself in the mirror itself. Of course my husband not to mind, but every effort for her first too terrible. It made me more pain for the first time in his life. We are forced to stop when the new halfway. I forced him to stop while still "half in half out" by I am afraid I will yelling as pain. I think I still need time to return to normal, can, after the fraud ", Claire, 33 years to share about the first" near "the husband after the birth of her daughter since.

Not many other sister Claire, own also whine about the series for the first time in a relationship with my husband after childbirth. Most were that "it was a very terrible night", or "exactly like the first time in his life, but relations have to fear making the noise or the cry" ... Can see, what the bed after childbirth is an indispensable but for many women, it's a very terrible thing. By following the birth, when the pain, the pain when it come the out of the body has not yet eased, still haunt the mother's mind, when milk, child care, BIM occupied the thought and effort of a mother, the story is not sex women would feel comfortable. However, "starved" her husband for a long time, they also cannot extend time should be attempted "blindly accept pm my husband".

Make the bed "Mandarin Duck"

With a House now only children toys, bedroom of parents is also steeped in the pieces of shredded paper, computer, toy ... so no where the romance as before. The couple join cleanup back to bed, throw out the toy into the Cabinet, turn off the computer and decorate the beautiful bed beautifully. A romantic space will be the perfect catalyst for the love more sublimation.


All day Sun both have as their parents very well then, now is the time to change the role. Please shop for her role as the mistress really sexy, hot on the same play, or bruised story recounts the old days before having a baby. Do anything to relieve relieve stress you're there in person.


Let's go Europe worry aside and alternately massage to each other. The massage movements help to both relax and play the role as the erotic gestures, also helps you easily "enter".

According to Dr. Ian Kerner, sex can be more rough going when the spouses have children but it also equally enjoyable. He said: "sex as well as the food. There are many food groups and there will be many types of sex. You should try them all. Type will help increase intimacy but also will have merely sex, nothing more nothing less, there kinds will for the sake of sex, there kinds of appealing about the image and imagination. I think parents should try all kinds of it ".

If you still feel fear relationship talk after childbirth, you try to follow the 5 tips below from experts, can the situation will be improved.

Try the new posture

Family Express you want to try a new posture, don't rush to say no when my husband would like to change. It can help you feel more comfortable old posture, and strange new feeling. The posture you don't like before having a baby will not not interesting after the birth. Be consistent with each other before "Forestry" to match the mood of both comfortably, not carried interest "forcing".

Take a little damage

According to Dr. Kerner: "common problems seen in the young couples, especially in women, is the lack of sexual desire. Women need to do anything to feel more sexy and evoke the inherent in her sexy. This is something that men cannot understand. They still believe that his wife is very charming. But the wives always inferiority about yourself when your body is always flooded smell the urine of the child, busy few days yet to bathing, don't have the time to go gym or a pedicure, and these were not cut. In fact, men are not interested in those details that didn't that just want to see the sexy from inside you. So should women take more active in it and be bold in Exchange for her husband, would be very useful ".

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